Monday, April 23, 2007

V5 Freaks n Our Sacchi Kahani..

I never knew what was the purpose of me gettin into ENGG, until I bumped to S.V.I.T.S., Indore.
To meet the freaks like Me, G.Rahul, Ankit Saxena(D cool bunny..oops I mean Kool buddy)... Shruti (My Dearest Pal) n our Big B.. Ashish Verma(Verma Beta..[;)] ).. I Never realized wht, True happines was untill I met these ppl......But when I realized it was already too late (as I had already met them n there was no way out....[:D]) . But since then n now life has not been easy for'em either....They had to bear my poor jokes (Actually the jokes are not poor rather what's poor is their sense of humor). Nevertheless in these two years I have taught them too..the art of cracking poor jokes...n Laughing Out Load when no one else laughs at ur jokes....[:D]
So here begins d story..
Time:12:50pm. Sat April 21. 2007...It was a very hot summer day..but wid a cool climate.. (See even summers r cool..[;)])
We 5.. were feeling exhausted.. Y not.. aftr such heavy n borin lectures..wht one can expect frm we serious n studious students.., planned to run away frm d clg. But see our gud-luck.. the new RULE OF D CLG.. GA'LS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE D PREMISES WIDOUT PERMISSION.. HA HA HA.. Monika n Shruti needs permission.. not a big deal.. but we wanted to break d rules..(aftr all thts d real fun..)
Searched ard d whole clg.. didnt took long..coz our clg is hardly few metres wide..[:D][:D].. (I hope my clg management doesnt read all these.)
Got a place to eacape out.. but now troubles r, our best-friend. One of our gang member got stuck in bars.. (arre we r not caught man.. story toh abhi shuru hui hai..).. Now whole of my team got indulged in pullin d pal out frm it. Sum-how, we manage to get thru. Thn like an typical hindi movie.. my duppatta got stuck in spines.. (Do I need to explain.. if I was in need of any help too..[;)])
Walkin along d road.. followin our Raju Guide..(Rahul.. our free ka guide) went to d hills jst behind our clg campus. No longer it took for us to reach d hills thru plain fertile fields n kaccha-paccha roads..(Waise us raaste ko road kahna wud be an insult..). Aftr all we did a hard job to climb up a hill. (Not a joke u c).
While movin thru our way.. we found a well...( a well wid water ofcourse).. Tht was a best place where I had a chance to eliminate a major competition.. Arre. topper of my class was wid me.. we all thought to push him into d well..[:D][:D].. But since.. he was our Raju guide.. cudnt do tht. (But Next time..paccha..not gonna miss dis golden chance..[;)]).
It was a very straight hill.To reach its top was a difficult task which we indeed..did it. Wen we were abt to reach d top, our Big B'.. started speakin..(God knows wht made him quite thruout d way.. Ankit was already wid cotton balls..[:D] ).. Yup , so he started off wid his gr8t ideaz n projects..(Technical Banda hai..[8)]..) .Planned to built up a railway station thr on d flat top of d hill wid a over-bridge connectin our college..(See how kind Ashish is 4 students frm Ujjain n Dewas..[:D])
Who cared to listen all tht.. but me a very polite n kind ga'l..cudnt ignore his day-dreams..had to engulf as such..[;)]

Thr was a hut.. (A 5-star room 4 us..since we were so tired climbin all d way to d top).We sat thr for a hour or so... had warm disccusions.. had friendly fights, cleared all d misunderstandings..(Frankly speakin..tht was d most memorable moment spent thr).
Had lot many photo-sessions.. [/)].
Well it was 4:15 in a watch.. time to leave but.. suddenly.. it clicked us tht we r jst behind our clg campus..(Actually ..all got all involved tht neither d time, nor d heat nor d place made us feel d terror of d clg..).So planned to take few snaps of ur clg too..
Thn was d time to cum back.. n let me tell u.. its d most fun-full ever cud 've.We all sumhow got thru d second level of d hill(Ok 1st let me make u know ..a lil bit abt d hill.. it was a straight hill wid wavy slopes.. n was divided into 3 level.. ) wen it was time to get down finally..we all got stuck.. coz thr was no way to move thru, slowly n safely.. But our heros RaHuL n AsHiSh.. had a monkey type jump to d level 1st.(afterall past is reflected in actions na..[;)]) . I again.. used my brain..[8)].. followed a long..but a safe route.. Now u see.. accha kaam karo..toh ..ppl tend to follow u.. so was Ankit.. Now Shruti was expected to do d same but.. few r thr.. never learn anythin b4 gettin hurt.
So she tried to be a superga'l.. tried d same way follwed by our Heros.. phir kya.. she .. FELL DOWN.. [:D][:D]
"Humpty- dumpty sat on a wall.. Humpty-dumpty had a gr8t fall.."
(A known poem)
Now read dis..
Shruti Shruti.. stood on a slope.. Shruti Shruti.. had a gr8t show..
Skiddin along d hill flow.. Shruti Shruti..cudnot dive slow..[:D][:D]

But all in all Shruti is a real champ.. A very kool n sweet ga'l. Shez d one wid whom..till now..'vin my gr8test time at clg n outside too. (Prayin tht our frdship lasts 4ever..)
She sud thanx Rahul 4 savin her.. N I'm gonna thanx Ashish 4 coverin those sparklin humourous show tht made d trip more full of fun.. masti all d way..!!
Thn finally.. back to road.. n enter d clg as if we won sum battle flield..Like champions.. fear of nothin.. went to d canteen.. had a very sweet Tea.. (now in tht too.. again a prob.. we were 5 n tea-cups were 3.. ).. Now one can imagine.. kya hua..aftr tht..

I think I sud end up..coz busses r abt to leave.. n we need to run to catch them.. its already 5:05pm..
Hope to've few more trips.. infact.. few more jolly trips.. Waise had one such trip to MANDAV too.. ab tht story..later on..!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

S2 n Me..

My sweetest pal 4 life.. Suruchi..
Very gud at playin pranks..(Thts true.. aftr-all shez my student..[8)]).
Her fav song.. " Ding-Dong.. Mona Sing a song.. "
(Well I can see 2 ppl smilin readin dis).

It was mid-nite ..22nd march o7..
I n dhosi..inside d guest house.. god knows wht went wrong wid us.. came out ofour room.. chillin out in d garden.. no fear.. nothin.. all alone.. gosshhh.. enjoyin a photo session.
Never knew.. we can 've life's most unforgetable moments out thr.
We three as a team.. had lots of fun..gained lot much informations.
But ya.. must say.. Abhishek.. wud never-ever 4get our high-level jokes... [:D]...
S2 n me had a fight too.. ab u know na.. its hard to resist wid goody-goody ppl like me 4 long... But all was fine by d time.. I've got a big heart ..u see..[;)]..


Story begins here..
Year 2047..

Well in yr 2047.. in his old age.. was scolded by his oldie-goldie(better-half..)..for jst sittin n doin nothin. So he planned to make his sweety happy. Got up n started clearlin up d book shelves. Suddenly.. a book tumbled down on his head.. (Dont worry no memory loss..[:D]).. And a leaf came out flyin . Tht was d frdship leaf.. gifted to him by me n S2.
Mr. Dilliwal.. now in flashback..(40 years back) tellin abt d trip to IIT-Roorkee in yr 2007..March 23rd to 26th to his oldie-goldie n grandchildren....[:D][:D]

There was a guy named Abhishek.. was a total fuse. But a computer maniac. Got selected for presentin pprs n ideaz in one of d IIT.. (Thanx to his frd Monika.. who used her brain to write all tht stuff in d ppr to make it reach d finals..[8)]) .
Once while roamin wid his n S2.. (S2--Ohhoo..Suruchi Shinde.. arre baba..even shez in d story.) Ya.. so while freakin ard d campus of tht IIT.. S2 found few dry-out leaves. Thn we both (Me n Dilli..) were made to pick one each 4 ourself. Tht was a token n memorable sign of our frdship...But since chicki..(Ohh I mean Abhishek).. was a fuse.. didnt follow d utility of those stuffs. Yup..even tht was true.. tht he was a lucky chap(Lucky.. wonderin how..?? Well a guy in company of 2 beautiful gal's .. wht if its jst.. 4 d sake of presentation...[;)]).
Thn..I n S2 made him realise tht importance of those leaves..To keep it safe as a part of golden days as sweet memory. He followed us in a min only n agreely accepted d leaf. Poor fellow.. waise bhi.. he was not left wid any other option even.[/)]
Had a gr8t time .. made many frds.. n since we..Me N S2.. were Mr. Dilliwal.. had to control his butterflies inside his tommy.. jst to be deccent thruout d journey. [;)]
Thn guess wht.. Dilliwal.. was made to wake up.. He was shocked to find himself in d bus.. infact in d clg bus S.V.I.T.S.,Indore.. n tht was yr 2007 April 12th..II mid-terms.. [:O].. Goosh.. always sleepin.. n day dreamin..[:D]

Intro Time..

Well.. thts me , wid my frds n team-mates @ IIT Roorkee.. Main V.I.P. Guest House.. waitin 4 a yummy break-fast to be served..[:P]...

Wud like to introduce my frds... Thts Abhishek Dilliwal.. more specificially.. Chicki.. [:D].. (He'll surely kill me aftr readin dis).
Awesome guy ,full of humor n extra long stories.. a total 24X7 radio-station.

Followed by lady in pink.. my best frd Suruchi Shinde. Dhosi ..tht wht we address each other. Active, sweet, cute, kind hearted, trustworthy gal.. All in all.. an angel. Fuse sum-times.. [;)].
Last but not least.. me..Monika.. Monika Agrawal... jst to describe me in short..
"The unfold mystery..!!!"
Yet more to discover abt myself..[8)]